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we understand this is complex.

We exist to make this as simple as possible for your staff and volunteers.

We design a full live streaming solution for your church.  We cover all equipment, softwares, and exactly what your volunteer and team needs to do to prepare every Sunday!  

How does live streaming work?




Every church live streaming system has the same key components. The primary pieces for any live stream are a computer, cameras, capture devices, audio, streaming software, and worship presentation software such as ProPresenter, EasyWorship or PowerPoint.

There are many possible combinations of the above elements but choosing the right configuration will be determined by your church’s specific vision, budget, workflow, size of media team, and level of technical ability.

Here’s a basic overview of how these different pieces of technology work together to produce a live stream:

Your camera(s) captures raw footage of the service and sends the signal to either a switcher or
directly to a capture device on your streaming computer

Any graphic and text content being produced by your worship presentation software is also
sent to your streaming computer or switcher

The audio for your service is sent to the streaming computer from your soundboard

All these pieces are then mixed within your live streaming software and sent out to the internet to places like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or your church website

Many streaming software programs will also record the live stream so you can edit it later,
upload it to other platforms, or burn it to disc.

Our Process


Our team will work to get a complete picture of your vision so we can help you understand what it takes to get there.


Once we understand your goals, and your existing setup, we'll design a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.


Our team will work with you to integrate all your new equipment once it arrives. We even offer training for your entire team.

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We offer all of the equipment you need to have a high quality and successful stream! Checkout below all that we have!

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"The Go Tell It team is made up of the most genuine, informative, and knowledgeable individuals in the industry. They thrive on their quality of work, amazing work ethic, and customer service to meet any and all needs you may have."
Jake McPheron
Worship Pastor

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